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When was My Hub Studio founded?

Alejandro and Andres bought the business in May 2019 and changed the name to My Hub Studios.  They are originally from Argentina, but have lived in New York for more than 15 years.


What is My Hub Studios? Tell us about your space.

​We are a community of hundreds of producers, audio engineers, musicians, film makers, record label companies, designers, photographers, music editors, therapists, and more. 


Our core priority is to offer our members a secure and efficient work environment that they can access anytime 24/7.  Each member has their own isolated studio.  We have a significant number of members that produce music, create art and new products, as well as run small innovative businesses.  We also have others who provide essential services and

receive a lot of guests on-a-daily-basis.  


Why Bushwick?


We all love Brooklyn and especially the Bushwick area.  Alejandro and Andres have been following the neighborhood since 2011.  Back then, it was quite different.  There were not too many people walking around, it had a very industrial look and feel.  Things started to change as soon as new art galleries started to call Bushwick their home and a new organic supermarket open nearby.  


New York was just starting to recover from the 2008 financial crisis and Brooklyn was in the beginning of an explosive growth period.  Williamsburg was the first real estate investment boom; and soon after that, we started to look further east and Bushwick was there. We ended up in the heart of it.     


Has COVID19 impacted your business? 


Yes, of course! Look, we are not going back to the past.  Our business model where each person has their own isolated studio helps us weather the storm better than others that have more areas dedicated to open spaces.  However, our business suffered as much as our members. 


We believe in the “shared efforts theory” to overcome exceptional times, where each party concedes what they can to find a middle point where we can all go through this together and come back stronger. We are a community and their suffering are ours, and when they prosper, we do too.  


When is your business reopening? 


Our essential business tenants have remained open, but as soon as phase 2 starts in New York City, we will be fully operational and open for business.  


In terms of new safety protocols, we are going to reopen in the safest possible way by following rules of social distance, minimizing common social areas, directing the circulation throughout the building with clear signs, disinfecting more often common areas - and wearing a mask in common areas.  


Describe Bushwick in a few words?


Artsy, lively and trendy.


Where do you like to hangout?


Birdy’s and House of Yes.

Any last words?

Eli (our Operations Manager) found a black cat that miraculously managed its way into our front door at My Hub Studios and he decided to adopt it.  Now, both are going through the pandemic together.  

we are thinking about creating our own recording label company and leverage the fact that we have so many talented artists at My Hub Studios.  after we reopen, we will celebrate with a special treat for everyone: Argentine empanadas and wine! and, look forward to partnering with the Bushwick Collective to paint our building with a renowned street artists, like TomBob.  


And… we will be back soon stronger and better, just like Bushwick will be too!

My Hub Studios

2 St. Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

(917) 856-5214

IG @myhubstudios