By Megan Wood

Photos by Jinnifer Douglass

I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old. My mother bought me my first notebook, which I used as a journal. I would write about my own day to day life and also write mock newspaper articles.


My childhood was not the easiest. My younger brother is autistic and I couldn’t really communicate with him during those early years since he was non-verbal. Writing was a welcomed escape. I could immerse myself in someone else’s reality and forget my own.


Fast forward ten years after graduating high school, I started to write a fictional book series. I was working two part-time jobs at the time -one day shift, one night shift, every day. Utter exhaustion which I believe gave way to my creative spurt. I’ve listened to the worries, fears and excitement about the future from my friends as well as myself; mimicking those feelings through the characters. Teen angst stuff, you know - oh my god, I’m an adult now, what am I going to do with my life? Even though the story takes place in a post apocalyptic world vastly different from ours, the human condition is still the same. I think that’s also what I love about Journalism. Even though you’re not creating characters out of thin air, you’re still giving people an outlet for their voice to be heard. Everyone loves a good story, and should be encouraged to share theirs.


I’m from a small town just a 40 minute drive from Manhattan. Now that I’ve been living here in Bushwick and I’ve met so many artistic people, I’ve been inspired to bite the bullet and try to get my series published. A sense of community is so important here, which is apparent when you start to spark up conversations, or a “hello” with people you walk by on the sidewalk every day.


I hope to be a more active member. As a child, I’d volunteer my weekends helping special needs children play baseball, I would love to do that here. A newfound passion of mine is cooking, so I would also be happy to volunteer at local farmers markets to ensure that all families have access to fresh food.


I’m proud to say I live in Bushwick, a thriving, driven, cultural, accepting and supportive community.