Photos by This Bushwick Life and the Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run

The Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run P.A.C.K. (Pet owners Alliance for Community K9s) is an all volunteer based community organization that works alongside the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to help care for the dog runs in Maria Hernandez Park. 

Since officially forming in September of 2018, the Pack has worked hard to restore and repair the dog runs. Through their organized cleanups, they have removed trash and waste, leveled out the surface gravel and filled in holes, removed leaves and weeds, and cleared off park pathways, paved areas, and city sidewalks surrounding the dog run area. As a result, they  have been able to make the neighborhood's only dog runs a safer place for dogs to play.  

While their clean up efforts have helped improve the dog runs, there is still much more work to be done and larger issues to resolve that require funding. Because of this, they have begun the process of collecting donations to cover the necessary costs to properly maintain and improve the dog runs. This includes tools, secure tool storage, cleaning supplies, and new surfacing materials. With these items, we can finally have dog runs that are completely safe and functional for the community.


But their work doesn't stop a the dog run fence, another goal is to foster and promote responsible dog ownership within the Bushwick community.


On June 29, 2018, they hosted our first Bark at Maria Hernandez Park pet health fair and dog run benefit in partnership with the NYPD 83rd Precinct. At the event they were able to connect dog owners with various resources to best care for their pets, including affordable pet clinics, dog registration, and trainers. 


They have also distributed free Earth Rated poop bag leash dispensers to the community during the event to help reduce the dog waste problem in the neighborhood.

The accomplishments made by the Pack would not be possible without the help of the community.

You can help us reach their goals by joining the Pack today and becoming an NYC Bark Ranger!

How to join the NYC Bark Rangers:

A lot of people have asked if they can donate to help the dog run, but it felt weird to them to accept money outside of their events. So they are excited to announce that they will be gifting donors with the first of its kind, NYC B.A.R.K. Ranger dog tag as a symbolic token of appreciation for their support!


Inspired by the National Parks Service, NYC Bark Rangers aim to foster responsible dog ownership in NY by representing these basic principles:

  • Bag and dispose of your dog's waste

  • Always comply with leash rules

  • Respect wildlife and park goers

  • Know where you can go


100% of the proceeds from every tag sold will go towards renovating and maintaining the dog runs in Maria Hernandez Park - this includes purchasing work tools, trash cans, trash bags, replacing the torn green screening around the fences, installing a shade solution, and repairing (or replacing) the gravel surfacing.


They will also have the year printed on the back so you can show your support and receive a tag for your pup to proudly wear as an official park supporter each year you donate.


Please see below for on how to donate for a tag:

Tags will be issued to donors who donate $50 or more!


To reserve your tag, please send your donation via Venmo to @mhdogrunpack (Confirm #0818) - include your full name and email address in the payment note so you can be notified to pick up your tag at Bushwick Bark on Irving when they come in!


If you wish to have your tag mailed, please include an additional $5 and your mailing address in the payment note as well. (Note: mailing may take longer to receive your tag.)


If you have any questions, please email


We understand 2020 has been a challenging year, so if you would like to become a 2020 BARK RANGER donor, but cannot donate $50 at this time, please email them and they would be more than happy to discuss alternative ways to contribute!

Maria Hernandez Dog Run at Maria Hernandez Park

Knickerbocker Avenue and Starr Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn 1123

IG @mhdogrunpack