By Megan Wood

Photos by Jinnifer Douglass

I grew up in North Carolina but New York is a place where I’ve always wanted to live. I’ve been playing piano for over 20 years. As a child, you’re in that phase when your parents try a lot of things to see what you might take to. They sent me to all of these sport camps and finally decided to have me take piano lessons.

I’m predominantly a classical pianist but I have a background in visual art. I almost was an art major in undergrad. I went to conservatory and focused on that for awhile, graduating with a masters in music. The past two years, I’ve been defining my career path. Experimenting with composing and sound art while still playing classical piano because I love it. Feeling like I’m cultivating those fields separately but my goal is to bridge that gap.

Right now, I teach private lessons to students and teach little kids at a music school, while still performing solo concerts and ensembles. Last summer, I did an artist residency in one of my favorite cities, Berlin. It strikes me as a whole city of Bushwick. That grungy warehouse look - so much possibility and energy, I feel that energy when I’m here too. We interacted with this urban landscape that reminds me of Bushwick. Immigrants and refugees conflicting with a millennial class moving in. There, we developed participatory performance art pieces on streets and in parks.

Back home, I’d love to do something in Maria Hernandez Park. It’s such a vibrant space. A place where everyone comes together. I would like to take field recordings and maybe play piano on top of that.


My advice for new musicians; rejection can be discouraging, keep looking for another opportunity if one doesn’t pan out; and treat all life as sound.