Photos by This Bushwick Life

What is Dance in Bushwick?  


We are an event based organization that’s focus was to highlight and present artists that live or work in bushwick.  We present and promote local artists and highlight their work with dance shows, events, and over social media.


We wanted to do more in the neighborhood we lived in and intentionally invest more time and energy in our home. That meant meeting more neighborhood people and creating stronger relationships with neighborhood people we already knew. 

How has COVID19 impacted Dance in Bushwick events?   


We’re no longer able to operate our in person events. We’re shifting into more virtual settings, but still trying to figure out what that means and what that will continue to look like in the future. 


We don’t currently know when we will be opening as we are a pop up production and large gatherings are still discouraged in close spaces. 


Where do you see Bushwick in the future?    


Hopefully a stronger, more intentional neighborhood. And by that I mean gentrifiers, like myself, need to be held accountable about how they spend their money, where they spend their time, and how they invest in the neighborhood that is supporting them. 


Describe Bushwick in one word? 




Where do you like to hangout in Bushwick? 

Hart Bar at 538 Hart Street, Bushwick.

Starr Bar at 214 Starr Street, Bushwick.