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Since 1945 Circo’s Pastry has provided Brooklyn, Bushwick, and the rest of the country with the best in wedding cakes, baby showers, birthday cakes and Italian pastries.


Circo’s Pastry Shop is the only business on Knickerbocker Avenue that reminds people of the Old Neighborhood. The store’s "Old Fashioned Touch" is so appealing that even a few movies were filmed inside.

Pierdipino pledges Circo's commitment to its customers. "We will always make a good product and extend that touch of personal service." If you're a chocolate fan or just in the mood for something sweet, the trip to Circo's is worth it.


Two Bakers From Sicily


In 1968, Nino Pierdipino and Michele Vinci joined Circo in his Brooklyn pastry shop. After five years, Circo decided to let his two best bakers buy him out. With a combined total of eighty years experience between them, Nino Pierdipino and Michele Vinci became partners. They carried out the business for 32 years until Vinci sold his share to Pierdipino.

Circo's Pastry Shop

312 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

(718) 381-2292

IG @circospastryshop