By Megan Wood

Photos by Jinnifer Douglass

Different. Diverse. Colorful. Trendy.

Lady, the owner of Casa Polish Nail Studio, grew up in Bushwick. I’m originally from Ecuador and so are the people who work here. This coming April it will be two years since we’ve been in business.


Ladies and gentlemen come in for the gel manicure. Regular polish chips right away but the gel lasts for two to three weeks. Now for the winter season, because it’s cold, people don’t get a pedicure or manicure as often. There’s a special Monday through Wednesday, gel manicure/regular pedicure $40 and regular manicure/regular pedicure $25.

Living here, I’ve seen the change and everything that comes with it -which has been amazing. This past summer was our second summer that we were involved in an internship program. Young students worked for us, getting exposure to having a job and responsibilities.


In five years, I envision Bushwick being even better than what it is now. Having more diversity in terms of people and businesses. As for our business - always happy, smiling faces, especially the women - to see something like our salon in the neighborhood. Community is very important to us.

Casa Polish

297 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

(718) 483-8315

IG @casapolishnailstudio