By Megan Wood

Photos by Jinnifer Douglass

Passionate. Legendary. Sweet. Understated. Elegance.

This is the first place when I moved to New York that I was living in. My friend sent me an article while I was still in California, I think it was from Vogue, that Bushwick was the next up and coming neighborhood. As I started to look around, I loved that there were so many cultures represented in one space.


I’ve been making Blondies for 10 years, and my business has been open about one year. I found a commercial kitchen to rent but I work out of my home. Shipping is nationwide. Open 24/7 with online ordering. I’m looking to get my products in cafes in Bushwick.


I already make a Pecan Salted Caramel, Snickerdoodle and the seasonal Red Velvet flavor for Valentine’s Day. I’m working really hard to do a Brooklyn Blackout Blondie. They’re made using all natural ingredients. I’m not going to feed people something I wouldn’t eat myself.


A “one woman show” at the moment-I’ll be looking for part time help towards the middle of the year, says Auzerais, the founder of Blondery. Right now, I host baking classes for kids in Williamsburg. A portion of those proceeds are donated to Powr Plant, a computer lab in Bushwick. They offer free programs to kids in the community, learning how to edit videos, coding - things they may not have access to otherwise.


I found a lot of inspiration here and I’m consciously choosing to stay.