Photos by This Bushwick Life

Tell us about the Brooklyn Collage Collective? 


I started making collage in 2007, but it was in 2013 when I founded the Brooklyn Collage Collective.  Since then the BCC has acted as a beacon to collage artists both within Brooklyn and internationally. 


Since its inception, the collective has gone through many changes, and finally opened its own gallery in 2017 right here in Bushwick. BCC has broken boundaries of what collage is, can be, and seeks to inspire those along the way. The mission of the collective is to bring attention and credibility to an otherwise under-recognized medium, elevating the art forms limitless ability to create a dialogue through assemblage and to build a strong community of collage artists. 


After evolving over the years, and now the BCC has taken on a new entity and will now focus on interviewing ground breaking analog collage artists from all over the world under the title DEEP CUTS. The next stage is opening up the online BCC gallery.


Sadly COVID temporarily closed the doors to our physical gallery but we are planning to launch an online gallery. Still no date on reopening but we may do an outdoor show,  and we'll update everyone through Facebook and Instagram when we get an official date.


Do you have any advice for new starting artists? 

Never give up, keep it real. Follow your fucking dream, because its your dream, and its your one chance. So do it!

what made you proud to be in Bushwick? 


When I moved to Bushwick/Brooklyn, I was lucky enough to have a job waiting for me when I arrived in 2007.  It all started with Rabbit Movers, I lived in a basement floor apartment at 245 Eldert Street, Apartment 13th. I remember going to see the Toadies in Manhattan, I got back and the basement was flooded. It was a disgusting mess! But it was reality, and I had to deal. 

So what did I do? I curated a show called Collorgy, a show consisting of over 50 artists, comedians, musicians, and over 300 heads filled the building to experience something they never seen before.  This was the beginning of my quest to inspire as an artist.

Where do you see Bushwick in the future? 

Hard to tell, since i've been here it's changed quite a bit. Rent went through the roof, luxury buildings popping up in every vacant lot. It's lost a lot of the nitty gritty, but I'll do my best to keep the vibe I've been spreading since I got here.


Describe Bushwick in one word? 

My Home. It's where I found myself, and I never looked back since.


Are you working on any new projects?


I recently started a new project titled Johno and Friends. We're an online theater group that performs  old radio shows for a diverse 21st Century audience, live every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern USA TIME on all social media platforms - facebook, instagram and linktree.

Besides that I have a new live stream puppet show called SOL FROM PUPPETOPIA.  Sol the Puppet is an official Puppet Diplomat who finds the most interesting people on Earth, and interviews them. He also contains the soul of a 63 year old NYC Jew who was killed by a street cleaning truck in 1979 while walking his dog.  Airing live every Thursday at 8PM eastern USA time, the show will be available on Instagram  and Facebook.

I also, have a collage clothing line on Etsy and because most of the printing is done in China, its almost pushed my shop to close. It has been a nightmare, but I know I'm not the only one getting hit. Just have to find another way to make it work, or die trying.